Frequently Asked Questions

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About Double

What is Double?

Double is a way to connect with others doing the same thing at the same time. We build off a phenomenon called body doubling where having someone else around makes doing an activity easier.

What is body doubling?

If you go to the coffeeshop to be around others working, like running with a friend, enjoy sudying along with any of the "study with me" videos - that's body doubling. It's a method to help get you over the motivational bump and start the thing that you need/want to do.

Check out our blog post on it for more info!

Why did you start Double?

Double came from a need that we personally had. After trying a bunch of different techniques like pomodoro, any of the million todo lists, and habit trackers - nothing stuck. Finally, after learning about body doubling, it clicked instantly and I was able to accomplish what I wanted to.

We're building Double to share this experience with others and grow communities centered around doing activities together.

Using Double

Do I need to turn on my camera and audio?

Nope! Both are totally optional - we want you to be comfortable during your Double, so we encourage everyone to do what works for them.

What should I expect when I join a Double?

Everyone joins with their video and audio off by default - so don't worry about being camera ready!

When your Double starts, we encourage everyone to share what they're doing and be as specific as possible. This can be through the chat, video, or audio - whichever is most comfortable for you.

Here's an example:

Okay version: Hey there! I'm going to exercise

Better version: Hey there! I'm going to do yoga and work on my balance

What's the difference between Double Communities and regular Doubles?

There's a few key differences between the two.

Regular Doubles are used to plan activities for the future or activities that only need a window of time. Regular Doubles:

  • Are scheduled ahead of time
  • Can be private with only you and friends
  • Are a fixed length with a maximum of 60 minutes

Double Communities are for when you want to be more flexible or find a Double right now instead of scheduling. Double communities:

  • Are always available and do not require scheduling
  • Have no maximum number of people that can join